Allie MacPhail

Allie MacPhail

Allie is a Clinical member of AAMFT (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy). She has earned a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Divinity (counselling). Allie has both expertise and a love for working with adolescents and their families. She has spent the last 15 years working intimately with youth, college students and adults, helping them reach their emotional, vocational and relationship goals. Allie has developed a practical, down-to-earth, approach to family therapy. Her style is creative, compassionate, and warm. Her passion empowers individuals toward healthy emotional choices and a lifestyle of wellness.

Who sees a therapist?


Individuals will come to a therapist’s office to better deal with a variety of issues; they are met with a warm, inviting and comfortable place to meet their various goals. Sometimes the goals are well defined, other times the individual has yet to be able to name their desired outcome and sometimes they just need a space to clarify and better understand all they are handling. Wherever you might be in your journey you will be greeted with compassionate clinical experience and a place where you can be you.


Families are in need of a place where everyone gets a chance to speak and be heard. They are often in need of a bit of input as to how to better achieve family harmony on difficult issues. A family because it is comprised of changing individuals is in a constant state of transition. Whether it is from new baby, a divorce, blending of two families or dealing with extended families, all families can use some time to focus on what is needed for all within. Family therapy can provide the space for all to be heard and help achieve healthier was to be a family.


That special relationship in our lives can bring the highest moments of joy and the lowest moments of sorrow. From dating to marriage, there are not many other relationships we can have that go through so many phases of life. This relationship requires special attention and commitment in order to make it a healthy relationship. To take it for granted and assume it will stay healthy as the individuals within change is erroneous. Being a part of a healthy couple requires commitment, flexibility and willingness to work. Where ever you are in this relationship, seeing a Marriage and Family therapist can help solidify your strengths and work on your areas of needed growth.

Parents / Teens

As parents and their children get older together, they will inevitable hit the “dreaded teen years”. Personalities change and clash, rules need to be altered, responsibility is required and trust is always wanted. The teen years need not be scary for parents, all it takes is just a bit of everyone slowing down, listening to what is going on and what is needed from each other. Respect for one another is the name of the game in this category.

How can a therapist help me?

Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) are mental health professionals who work with individuals, couples, families of all types and groups to address mental, emotional, and relational concerns of all kinds. AAMFT’s code of ethics, including confidentiality, are strictly upheld by MFTs.

What parts of my life can I discuss with Allie?

In short, any and all areas of life are relevant to bring to a therapist. Sometimes you might want to use our time to work on a specific goal, a few are listed below.  Other times you might need to step back and take a bigger view seeing what your current feeling of dissatisfaction is based upon.

  • Dating
  • Coping with change
  • Depression
  • Self-esteem
  • Blended families
  • Inspiring adolescents
  • Grief
  • Marriage Relationships
  • Goal setting
  • Anxiety
  • Sexuality
  • Family dynamics
  • Launching young adults
  • Abuse

Specialized Seminars

Allie has developed a practical, down-to-earth approach to leading workshops. She has created and developed numerous workshops on topics including inspiring youth, dealing with teenage relationship abuse, study skills, self-esteem, depression, suicide, anxiety, sexuality and coping with change. Her workshops help individuals and families move towards healthy emotional choices and a lifestyle of wellness.

Inspiring Youth

A workshop for youth leaders and counselors to help inspire and create more effective youth programs

Working with youth (grades 4 – 12+) can be a challenge, but it can also be one of the most rewarding of all experiences. The success of a camp or youth program depends almost entirely upon it’s leaders. If the leaders are not effective the message to the youth is not going to be heard. Whether you are a Counselor in Training(CIT)or a veteran of youth programming this workshop will challenge and encourage you on how to be a more effective and unique leader.

You and your leadership team will learn:

  1. The importance of being a role model as a camp counselor/ youth leader and how to intentionally choose the type of role model you want to be.
  2. Seven characteristics needed from youth leaders to effectively impact those in their care.
  3. A look through the eyes of the youth, what do they see in their leaders?
  4. How communication style impacts the message intended for the youth.
  5. A discussion on group dynamics and how to create a welcoming and interactive group.
  6. Practical ideas on how to handle difficult kids during your programming.
  7. Hot topics, some ideas as to how to handle those issues that inevitably arise when working with youth. (Suicide, dating, cutting, family needs…)

Inspiring Youth can be given either as an interactive lecture style or within a workshop/ training setting for a more in-depth, reflective and personal look at individual personal styles of youth leadership.

Inspiring Youth has been specifically developed to meet the needs of camps, youth groups, sport teams and clubs where the goal of the leaders is to inspire and encourage those under their care.

Finding Balance

Ever look at your schedule and wonder how did I just do all that? This workshop allows each participant to creatively wonder at all they do and how to be more effective for their own personal, family or career goals. This is an effective and inspiring workshop for parents or leaders who are feeling themselves stretched and drained. Within this workshop self-care inventories, goals and obstacles to those goals are examined with the goals of prioritizing, planning and balancing all we do or want to accomplish in life.

The Family Orbit

This is an interactive workshop, where parents and teens have a chance to explore and discuss the changing nature of their relationship. Participants leave having experienced new ways to interact as well as with new ideas to try in their on their own at home. This low key yet engaging workshop is intended to foster relationships between parents and teens, leave participants with insight into their own strength and growth edges and help structure future interactions within families.

Parent Boot Camp

This 90 minute workshop is for parents looking to learn some ideas to more effectively parent and related to their preteens and teens. In this workshop some of what you will learn:

  1. How to intentionally model the type of respect you expect your from your teen
  2. How to set appropriate boundaries with and for your teen
  3. What to do with values when yours and your teens clash.
  4. Rules of engagement when talking with your teen
  5. About the changing roles of parents and how to stay consistently yourself
  6. How to listen more effectively in order to create more dialogue from your teen
  7. Ways to protect your co-parenting relationship

Lost In Relationship

This workshop is for girls 12- 18 years old and those who care about them. Relationships are getting harder to define, are you chilling? Dealing? Dating? Seeing other? FWB??? The pressures of dating and just being around the dating scene are enormous for a girl. Things get lost in relationships, the primary and most common thing lost is a sense of self. This workshop allows girls to be girls, where they can talk about and learn to create appropriate boundaries for themselves as they learn to live within and around relationships.

It Happened One Night

The weekly group experience for girls who have experienced unhealthy and abusive relationships within their dating relationships. This group is intentionally planned after the workshop lost in relationship for girls who decide they want to find healing in the area of relationships. It encourages healing, self-respect, community in caring and the creation of healthy boundaries within dating relationships.

Media Appearances

Allie has been a guest expert on Slice Network’s “The Mom Show” and “Three Takes”. Allie also represented Dentyne Gum in a nationwide tour of Canada promoting face to face relationships.


What Others Are Saying

Allie has this amazing energy and passion to help people – it’s very inspiring.” - Female, Age 17
Allie’s sense of humour and comfortable style made it easy for us to open up and talk. She was very practical about how to better our relationship and she spoke in a language we could understand!” - Couple, Ages 29 & 31

Contact Allie

Allie MacPhail offers her services at the Caribbean Center for Child Development. You are welcome to contact them directly to set up an appointment with Allie. Or, if you have a question, please use the form below and Allie will respond as soon as possible.

Caribbean Center for Child Development
85 Soldier Rd.
Nassau, Bahamas

To make an appointment call:

Mailing Address:
Caribbean Center for Child Development
P.O. Box SS-19407
Nassau, Bahamas

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Included in this book is a letter to parents from the author, Allie MacPhail. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Allie recognizes that our worries can sometimes get the better of us causing, among other things, sleepless nights. Creatively written, and beautifully illustrated, this entertaining book demonstrates one method parents can use to help their children have a good night sleep.

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